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About US

Aref & Associates was founded to meet the space planning and interior design needs of major corporations and professional service firms that are creative, edgy and forward thinking focused in the new global economy.


Our basic philosophy as a Design Studio is to establish a long term working relationship with our clients based on a clear understanding of their brand, culture, and work process as well as short term and long business plan with the goal of developing an innovative and creative workspace design to meet those objectives.


Over the years, our success has been attributed to the development of strategic planning concepts adhering to our Design Studio’s philosophy of form follows function. In essence, we strive to create innovative and creative design concepts efficiently and economically in a collaborative and interactive environment that allow our clients to recruit new talent, retain highly skilled knowledge workers and develop new business opportunities in the global economy.


The success of our firm lies in the collaborative nature of our Design Studio and our understanding of the continuous changes within an organization and its impact on the work place. As a team, we focus and analyze our client’s special needs and propose creative design concepts that are flexible, mobile and elastic, reflective of our client’s brand, culture and business needs.


As a highly motivated and passionate design studio, we are able to think different and become involved in only a select number of projects that allow our principals to bring hands on involvement at each step of the design process adhering to our philosophy of less is more. Thus, our clients are provided with the highest level of professional services that they demand and have come to trust from our design studio. This philosophy and approach to the creative design process has led to the many long term relationships we have built over the years, and will continue to provide the foundation for our success for years to come.

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